Integrated Logistics Support

One of the most complex element of a military system is represented by Logistics Support.

We have the capabilities to sustain all ILS functions through the life cycle of weapon systems, heavy wheeled vehicles and UAV systems; theese functions are essential for newly fielded systems to meet the intended performance and remain sustainable for the entire life cycle.

Begining with the Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) Report and Authorized Stockage List (ASL), and transition to the maintenance allocation chart and maintenance analysis, we use advanced tools and techniques to analyze,and assess data related to logistics requirements, costs, schedule, and risk.

We develop operator and maintenance technical manuals and the provisioning for repair parts and packaging data. We build training material and subsequently perform training.

We provide field services - our team offers technical, administrative, and management support services. Our people use industry best practices to decrease costs and to increase productivity. We identify methods to reduce turnaround time such that production lines can meet customer demand.