About us

At Tehnopro Engineering, we offer a broad portfolio of products and services for industry, aviation, robotics, communications, media and information technology. Our specialized divisions delivers high quality results, that your business can trust on.

Our core business is Integrated Logisitics Support and we have built on top of our field service experience, also electro-mechanical production services.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we tailor and adapt our technologies, integration skills, market knowledge and operationally-proven systems to each customer’s individual requirements in both existing and new platforms. By upgrading existing platforms with advanced technologies, we provide customers with cost-effective solutions, and our customers are able to improve their technological and operational capabilities within limited budgets.

We are experienced in providing “systems of systems”, which enables us to provide overall solutions in a range of areas to meet our customers’ comprehensive defense, homeland security and safety needs.


Our mission is to enable cleaner, more efficient and connected intelligent equipment99% of our revenue and R&D is spent focused on emission-cutting technologies.

We enable a more sustainable future of mobility while supporting the equipment of today to be more efficient.